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Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies (BA)

Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies (BA)


Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies provides majors with a sociological perspective and research-based techniques for examining and responding to important questions about the causes and consequences of crime and the workings of the criminal justice system. Students are exposed to the dimensions of the crime problem, explanations of the prevalence of various types of crime and the various agencies and programs designed to prevent and control crime and delinquency.

The Department of Sociology provides individual guidance from a personal academic advisor, opportunities to interact with our renowned faculty both inside and outside of the classroom and hands-on experience through a required internship or faculty-directed undergraduate research.

Why choose criminology and criminal justice studies?

With a ratio of 31 majors for each full time faculty member, students enjoy many opportunities to interact with faculty both inside and outside of the classroom. The intellectual breadth of the program combined with its emphasis on real-world skills prepares students well for employment and graduate school.

What can you do with this degree?

An undergraduate major in criminology and criminal justice studies provides an excellent liberal arts foundation, and graduates are able to apply their skills and knowledge across a wide variety of occupations and professions and for graduate or professional education. Some graduates enter directly into the labor force in law enforcement, delinquency prevention and control services, crime prevention, corrections, probation or parole, criminal justice administration, and research.

Most graduates find employment in Ohio after graduation and recent data show that their starting salaries are equivalent to or higher than those of students in other social science disciplines including economics, psychology and anthropology.