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Sociology (BA, BS)

Sociology (BA, BS)


A sociology degree at Ohio State provides students with the scientific skills and social perspective necessary to analyze and understand the complexities of modern societies and to address challenging social problems. Sociology is distinct in its integration of a broad perspective on social life with real-world applied skills that allow students to identify and solve problems across a range of professions and careers. 

Why choose sociology?

With a ratio of 31 majors for each full time faculty member, students enjoy many opportunities to interact with faculty both inside and outside of the classroom. The intellectual breadth of the program combined with its emphasis on real-world skills prepares students well for employment and graduate school. Most graduates find employment in Ohio after graduation and recent data show that their starting salaries are equivalent to or higher than those of students in other social science disciplines including economics, psychology and anthropology.

What can you do with this degree?

Major sectors of employment for undergraduate sociology majors include: health and social services (in family planning, substance abuse, group work with youth or the elderly, recreation or administration); community work (in fundraising, social service organizations or child welfare agencies); criminal justice and corrections (in law enforcement, probation, parole); the business community; and the federal, state or local government (in transportation, housing, agriculture and labor).