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Integrated Major in Math and English (IMME)

Integrated Major in Math and English (IMME)


About this program

The Integrated Major in Math and English (IMME) is a an innovative program designed to prepare students with high-level skills in both Mathematics and English stressing an integrated, complementary mastery of these disciplines. Four Mathematics concentration areas are available: Finance/Actuarial, Applied, Math Pre-Education, and Theoretical. These are combined with a strong foundation in English including composition and methods, and an opportunity for students to choose electives matching their interests.

Why choose IMME?

The IMME is a good major for ambitious students seeking a challenge and who wish to develop both strong mathematics and communication skills.

The program offers undergraduates the opportunity to develop a set of skills that will equip them not only for employment and graduate school, but for long-term career success. Students completing the program will have a competitive advantage over their peers in having both strong mathematics and communication skills. In combination, English and Mathematics teach students complementary skills. Liberal Arts majors learn critical thinking and analytical skills. In addition, the English program’s strong emphasis on reading and writing teaches the ability to empathize, to process information, and to communicate, skills that employers constantly claim they need. Mathematics teaches precision in modeling and in analyzing real-world problems, and involves skills in calculation and numerical analysis that are not typically part of a liberal arts program.

What can you do with this degree? 

Skills in analysis and communication are extremely important in many areas, and graduates of this program will be equipped to succeed in a variety of industries, including banking, insurance, marketing and consulting. They will also be prepared for work in non-profit organizations and other fields that require both some mathematical awareness and strong communication skills. These skills will also help distinguish workers seeking promotion to management or supervisory positions.

Graduates of this program will also be prepared for graduate school and professional programs in law, medicine, business and education.