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Microbiology (BS, BS/MS)

Microbiology (BS, BS/MS)


The microbiology major provides students with an education in a variety of topics that together form a dynamic science. This program provides many opportunities for students to pursue advanced studies in health-related fields and practical applications of microorganisms.

Why choose microbiology?

As microbiology majors, students learn about the many ways in which microorganisms are essential for the survival of all living organisms. Students will learn how some microorganisms cause disease and become familiar with the elaborate mechanisms used by potential victims to combat invasion — many of which are being applied to development of modern medical techniques.

Students also learn how microbial genes, proteins, and processes are being exploited in the exciting field of biotechnology to help cure diseases, generate alternative fuels, produce new antibiotics and recover valuable metals from ores.

Students can choose to do laboratory research and participate in internships as part of the undergraduate curriculum, which allow them to participate in the daily operations of a laboratory conducting research at the forefront of microbiology and immunology.

What can you do with this degree?

Graduates in microbiology are well prepared to undertake graduate study in any of the life sciences or to pursue a professional degree in medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and optometry.

Graduates are also ideally suited for careers in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical and forensic sciences, biological research institutes, hospital laboratories, hospital supply companies or the food industry.