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Biology (BA, BS)

Biology (BA, BS)


Biologists study the processes fundamental to all forms of life. How do biochemical processes control a cell’s behavior? How do pollutants threaten certain life forms? How can human life be sustained and lengthened by medical advances? The program equips students to examine these questions by exposing them to a broad base of biological knowledge, providing depth of experience in advanced topics and developing competence in scientific disciplines supportive of the life sciences.

Why choose biology?

Biology, Ohio State's largest major, is offered by the Center for Life Sciences Education. The latitude in choice of major courses is another important feature of the biology major. Students, in consultation with their adviser, may devise a broad program in the biological sciences, or a more specialized curriculum, depending on their academic interests.

Biology students go on to careers in medicine or some other health profession. While a major in the biological sciences is not a requirement for medical school (or other professional schools in the health sciences), it has many advantages, with its exposure to the basic principles of life’s processes and the theoretical underpinnings of sophisticated medical procedures.

What can you do with this degree?

Many biology students go on to careers in medicine or some other health profession. Biology students often choose careers as research scientists or college professors, for which students must first obtain a PhD. In the private sector, a master’s degree may be sufficient for a research or product-development position. Some biology majors, particularly those with research experience, find research assistant positions directly after obtaining their bachelor’s degree. Some students move into other science careers such as education, business, or jobs in nature centers, parks and recreation, or government.