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260 Jennings Hall
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Columbus, OH 43210

Judy Ridgway

The Center for Life Sciences Education (CLSE) at the Ohio State University was established in autumn of 2006 expressly to meet the challenge of teaching biology to the next generation of students, researchers and educated citizens. CLSE’s mission, expertise and values support the academic plan and the science and technology plans of the College of Arts and Sciences, the Ohio State University, and the State of Ohio.

The CLSE draws on the skills of its outstanding faculty and staff to design and deliver effective undergraduate biology education programs aligned with the recommendations in the NSF/AAAS report, “Vision and Change in Undergraduate Biology Education.” A suite of courses and programs offered through the CLSE prepare our undergraduate and graduate students to become life-long learners (and to teach others to become life-long learners) in a rapidly changing world. As we pursue programmatic, curricular and pedagogical innovations in biology teaching, we measure the impact of these changes on student learning, and we disseminate information about our best practices among faculty, staff, graduate students and undergraduate students in the college, as well as to the larger community.