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Molecular Genetics (BS, BS/MS)

Molecular Genetics (BS, BS/MS)


Molecular genetics focuses on studying topics in modern biology concerning how genes control cellular functions, development and disease. A degree in molecular genetics is an excellent preparation for many careers in the life sciences and beyond. Courses and research opportunities cover a broad range of topics from molecules to populations. The common focus is on the role of genes and the use of molecular and genetic techniques in each of these areas.

Why choose molecular genetics? 

The use of molecular genetic tools is revolutionizing many areas of biology. The molecular genetics major provides the student with the background needed for success in a graduate program leading to an exciting career in the most active areas of pure and applied biology. The major provides an excellent entry route for professional schools in dentistry, medicine and veterinary medicine, where expertise in molecular, cellular, developmental and traditional genetics is of increasing importance, as well as for advance graduate studies in any molecular biology related field.

What can you do with this degree? 

Molecular genetics graduates typically pursue advanced degrees leading to academic and professional careers in the life sciences. Molecular geneticists with a PhD degree enter academic or industrial careers, with leadership roles in research and education. Some molecular genetics BS graduates pursue more specialized master’s degrees, such as genetic counseling, forensic sciences or biotechnology. Many molecular genetics BS graduates go to medical school and other professional schools.