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Statistics (BS)

Statistics (BS)


In Ohio State's statistics program, students will develop statistical, computational and numerical skills that are applicable in fields including agriculture, business, education, science and engineering, finance, medicine and the social sciences.

Why choose statistics?

Statistics, the science of decision making under uncertainty, is one of the fastest growing professions in the United States. By understanding statistics, you can make sound decisions based on data and models of the world. The study of statistics encompasses study design and the collection, assessment and curation of data; the building of formal statistical models to capture an abstraction of reality; and the rules of probability upon which those models rest.

What can you do with this degree?

Graduates of the statistics major will be well-suited for jobs requiring statistical analyses of data and the ability to provide theoretically grounded insights. Statisticians can work in a variety of fields, including pharmacy, finance, consumer science, medicine, environmental science, agriculture, business, education, engineering and the social sciences. Locally, Columbus companies such as Nationwide Insurance, JPMorgan Chase and Battelle Memorial Institute regularly employ Ohio State's statistics alumni.