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Actuarial Science (BS)

Actuarial Science (BS)


About this program

The actuarial science major will develop and refine a student's analytical skills, while also preparing for a career in the field of risk assessment and management. To be eligible for a job in this industry, candidates must pass a series of actuarial exams. The major curriculum is specifically geared towards preparing students to take up to five exams before receiving their undergraduate degree, creating a competitive advantage in a job search. 

What is an actuarial scientist?

Actuarial scientists evaluate the likelihood of future events, design creative ways to reduce the likelihood of undesirable events and decrease the impact of undesirable events. This profession finds ways to manage risk through a combination of strong analytical skills, business knowledge and understanding of human behavior to manage the complex risks facing society today.

Actuarial scientists play key roles on management teams of companies that deal with risk. In a fast-changing world, with emerging risks and the need for more creative ways to tackle them, there are constant opportunities for personal and professional growth.

What can you do with this degree? 

An actuary is likely to work for an insurance company, an actuarial or employee-benefit consulting firm, a very large acĀ­counting firm or corporation, or a government agency. Actuaries are initially employed in technical positions, but many progress into management.