Madison Tuttle named Ohio State’s 2022 Next Generation Innovator of the Year

April 13, 2022

Madison Tuttle named Ohio State’s 2022 Next Generation Innovator of the Year

Madison Tuttle

Ohio State’s Next Generation Innovator of the Year for 2022 is Madison Tuttle, a PhD candidate in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Tuttle’s research is focused on finding sustainable alternatives to metal-based electrode materials, specifically organic electrode materials because they are safer, more sustainable and have similar performance to metal-based electrode materials. 

Tuttle was recognized for her innovation in the development of low-cost organic electrode materials that can operate in water-based electrolytes for large-scale renewable energy storage systems that are more sustainable and safer than Li-ion. The work establishes a new research direction for the design of water-compatible high-voltage organic electrode materials, resulting in two provisional patents and one scientific publication.

Tuttle is currently a member of Shiyu Zhang’s research group and received her BS in Chemistry from the University of South Alabama.

The Next Generation Innovator of the Year award is open to postdocs along with undergraduate and graduate students. The award recognizes innovation and entrepreneurship that has contributed to the development or commercialization of a new technology. It may also recognize a trainee-initiated start-up company whose success is a result of entrepreneurial talent, creativity and energy.

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