back to news June 3, 2019

Department of Sociology to offer Bachelor of Science in autumn 2019

Beginning autumn 2019, the Department of Sociology will offer a Bachelor of Science. 

With only four other Big Ten universities offering a Bachelor of Science in sociology, this new course of study positions Ohio State as a leader in this rigorous, research-focused major. Tapping into the deep well of faculty expertise and robust resources at Ohio State and in the College of Arts and Sciences, the degree will allow students to become well-versed in both the substantive and methodological foundations necessary to utilize data, research and curiosity to investigate the world.

Andrew Martin, professor and director of undergraduate studies in sociology, recently spoke with us about this new major and its import, impact and origins.

What are the origins of the Bachelor of Science in sociology?

We know the quality of Ohio State undergrads has only been increasing, and more students are interested in research and working with data. Thus, we needed to create a program that provided structure and support for the students seeking that kind of work and that kind of education.

Can you elaborate on the difference between the existing BA and the new Bachelor of Science?

The Bachelor of Science option is more intensive and rigorous in its methodological training, as well as more research-focused. Students will have additional opportunities for engaging in research and analyzing data. 

What should students expect in the major?

The program will offer three different areas of focus — population and wellness, criminology and law & society, and social inequality — and their study will be geared toward gaining research experience, studying abroad, working with faculty and receiving training through advance methods and statistic courses.

How is Ohio State’s Bachelor of Science in sociology unique?

The state of Ohio doesn’t have any school offering a Bachelor of Science in sociology, and only a few other Big Ten schools have them, so we’re very much a leader in that regard. We are making sure students can acquire a substantive background through their work by leveraging the department’s strengths in research in qualitative and quantitative methods to increase their success in graduate or professional school. Additionally, given the nature of the job market, working with data and analyzing data is critical, and this program provides our graduates those skills.