back to news Jan. 14, 2019

Trevon Logan gives TEDx talk on urban revitalization

Trevon Logan, Hazel C. Youngberg Trustees Distinguished Professor in the Department of Economics, recently delivered a TEDx talk on urban revitalization. In the talk — "Urban Revitalization or Planned Extinction?" — Logan tracks the past of his home on the Near East Side of Columbus back to its former owners, placing this history onto the larger maps of the neighborhood and city. He then draws parallels between similar communities throughout the United States that have changed and evolved through segregation, redlining, urban decay and urban renewal, asking what these changes meant for the individuals living through them.

Logan specializes in economic history, economic demography and applied microeconomics. His research in economic history concerns the development of measures for living standards that can be used to directly assess the question of how the human condition has changed over time.