The East Asian Studies Center at The Ohio State University strives to be a catalyst for original thought and action in the study of East Asia in Ohio, in the U.S., and around the world. Combining our unique expertise with that of the extensive partnerships we've formed both domestically and internationally, the East Asian Studies Center continually challenges paradigms with innovative approaches that further knowledge, increase understanding and inspire life-long learning of East Asia and its impact on the world.

Specifically, the EASC:

  • Sparks innovative inquiry and instruction on East Asia’s past, present and future to further knowledge of East Asia and its impact on the world among students, faculty, educators, and the public.
  • Forges interdisciplinary connections across fields and regions to spur collaborative approaches to East Asia with partners in academia, government, the arts, business, and media.
  • Initiates programs to inspire life-long learning about East Asia from K-12 onward to higher education and into the workforce.

Ohio State has set forth specific internationalization goals for all graduates:

  • Work effectively in international settings
  • Adapt to diverse cultures
  • Understand global issues and change
  • Communicate across linguistic barriers
  • Comprehend the international dimension of their fields of study.

East Asia-related Careers

Opportunities for employment in the United States and abroad abound for those with East Asian language proficiency and knowledge of East Asian cultures. Sectors in which these skills can be employed include:

  • Government
    Diplomacy, CIA, FBI, security, translation
  • Nonprofit Organizations
    Cultural exchange, human rights, environmental issues
  • Business
    Management, sales, logistics, marketing
  • Education
    College level, high school level
  • Media
    TV, newspaper, magazine, internet
  • Healthcare
  • Law