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Korean (BA)

Korean (BA)


Students in the Korean program at Ohio State discover the language, culture, literature and linguistics of Korea through innovative approaches to language teaching. Courses taught in English introduce students from many backgrounds to the cultures, philosophy and literatures of Korea, while courses taught in Korean allow students to progress from an elementary working knowledge of the language to an oral and written fluency.

Why choose Korean?

Through innovative approaches to language teaching, Korean majors become conversant in many facets of Korean humanities, both past and present. Beside language, strengths include a special program for studying various styles of traditional storytelling, drama and musical performances.

In addition, the Korean program has a robust set of exchange programs with top-ranked universities in South Korea.

What can you do with your degree?

Korean allows students to consider careers in fields such as education, translation and interpretation, government and intelligence services, international trade and commerce, banking, print or electronic media, social work, diplomatic services, tourism and art. Korean majors may also continue into graduate/professional school in Korean, East Asian, Asian-American studies and other related fields.