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The Ohio State University Center for Languages, Literatures and Cultures (CLLC) brings students together with scholars and experts from across the university and around the world to increase our understanding of diverse cultures, expand our competence in foreign languages, and investigate the impact and creative potential of established and emerging media technologies. 

Career opportunities for students who know a foreign language are much better than for those who do not — in the fields of business, energy and sustainability, development, diplomacy, intelligence, national security, food security and production, pharmaceuticals, medicine — virtually every field of work.

{Diane Birckbichler, Professor, French} 

At a Glance

  • The CLLC connects undergraduate language majors to research and educational opportunities in the professions
  • The CLLC houses the Advanced Language Institute, which provides language- and discipline-specific professional training for advanced language students with majors in various fields
  • The CLLC facilitates opportunities for graduate students across departments for interdisciplinary research and outreach projects.
  • The CLLC serves as a conduit for collaborative research opportunities between language pedagogy, linguistic, literary, and cultural studies scholars and units across campus
  • The CLLC facilitates pathways to Ohio State for second language and heritage language students in secondary schools and community colleges in Columbus and the State of Ohio through curricular articulation and early engagement (e.g., The Collaborative Articulation and Assessment Project)
  • The CLLC coordinates language placement testing for incoming and transfer students, approximately 6,000 students annually. 

The Space: A New Digital Collaborative Classroom

From its design to the selection of furniture and technology, The Space is designed to encourage and facilitate collaborative learning between and among language and culture students. The Space offers five state- of-the-art collaborative learning pods for 2-6 students with a capacity of 30. The room’s speaker system allows for high quality HDMI film viewing, and a portable SMART-like Technology Board (ENO Board) that can be controlled by the instructor or the students. PC laptops are available for each student. 

Facilities and Programs

The World Media and Culture Center on the first floor of Hagerty Hall, is a facility that integrates international satellite television, radio, print media, the Internet, and multimedia instructional materials into the traditional classroom environment. Includes: 

  • The Hall Videoconferencing Center
  • 13 Multimedia Classrooms
  • The Space, a digital collaborative classroom
  • Foreign Language Hypermedia Studio
  • The Hypermedia Studios
  • Crane Café
  • AT&T Individualized Language Learning Center 

Foreign Language Publications Center is a not-for-profit publisher, distributor, and retailer of foreign language materials for students and instructors.

Collective Articulation and Assessment Program (CAAP) provides early assessment to third-year high school students in Ohio in four languages: Chinese, French, German, and Spanish. It also provides varied professional development opportunities for language instructors. 

Distance Learning

The CLLC plays a major role in coordinating distance learning through distance online language and culture study via distance learning courses, MOOCs and videoconferencing events. 

The CLLC offers a dedicated technology staff for classroom technology integration, multimedia projects and distance learning opportunities. 


The CLLC facilitates pathways to Ohio State for second language and heritage language students in secondary schools and community colleges in Columbus and the State of Ohio through curricular articulation and early engagement (e.g., The Collaborative Articulation and Assessment Project). 

The CAAP student ambassador visits high school students statewide to talk to students about the ways in which proficiency in a foreign language enhances their career opportunities.