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Russian (BA)

Russian (BA)


This program offers a full curriculum in the Russian language designed to offer training in all the skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) students need to communicate in Russian. In addition, students can take courses in Russian literature, film, culture and linguistics to enhance their pragmatic and cultural qualifications.

Why choose Russian?

Graduating students will have a broad knowledge of Russia, the Russian language and a specific area of expertise within Russian studies (e.g., literature, culture, or linguistics). The diversity in the courses taught in the department, everything from the great writers of Russian literature to the mythology surrounding vampires, allows students to truly make the major their own and sets Ohio State apart from other Russian and Slavic departments around the country.

What can you do with your degree?

By the time students graduate, they will have a strong understanding of Russian culture, past and present, and valuable language skills, making them ideal candidates for jobs in the government, tech industry, international business or highly competitive graduate programs.