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German (BA)

German (BA)


About this program

A new world opens up when you learn a foreign language and come to know a foreign culture on its own terms. The German program at Ohio State makes this experience exciting, with interesting courses, study abroad and internship programs and the German-speaking environment at the Max Kade German House on campus. 

Why study German?

As a student of German, you’ll become acquainted with a culture that is central to the history and civilization of the West and learn the language of a country that is an economic and political leader in today’s world. You’ll also develop key skills, such as critical analysis, spoken and written communication and intercultural communication, that will prepare you for a wide range of professional careers and graduate studies.

What can you do with this degree? 

Germany's economy is the fourth largest in the world. German companies and institutions are leaders in science, technology and the arts, and Germany is a political leader in Europe. For these reasons and more, being able to speak German can open doors to jobs in a number of fields.

Many graduates use their liberal arts preparation as a stepping stone to advanced study or professional preparation in fields such as foreign service, medicine, law, international business and education.