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Portuguese (BA)

Portuguese (BA)


The Department of Spanish and Portuguese offers an undergraduate Portuguese major designed to provide students a strong foundation in the language, introduce them to the study of literary works in Portuguese, and help them develop an informed awareness of the cultures of Portuguese-speaking nations. 

Why choose Portuguese?

The strengths of Ohio State's Portuguese program lie in the cutting-edge and versatile language program, the BA in Portuguese that emphasizes the cultural, economic and political complexities, as well as the transatlantic dimension, of the Lusophone world, and the distinguished program in Portuguese linguistics, especially in the areas of phonetics, morphology and pragmatics.

What can you do with this degree?

Portuguese is a major world language, but its importance is insufficiently recognized in the United States. For example, half of all U.S. businesses in Latin America are located in Brazil. The knowledge of a second language is usually a key to acquiring strong writing skills.

Employment in almost any field is open to a language major, especially in companies that do business with overseas clients. This can range from the banking industry to public relations to computer programming.