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Spanish (BA)

Spanish (BA)


As a Spanish major, you will further your study of the language, along with the literatures and cultures of those peoples who speak it. Faculty members have prepared a wide range of challenging courses to introduce you to literary, cultural and linguistic studies in Spanish and Portuguese. These programs will open the horizons of the Hispanic experience, prepare students to acquire first-hand knowledge in a global education program and provide them with significant skills and knowledge for future careers.

Why choose Spanish?

  • There are 470 million native speakers of Spanish and Spanish is the official language of 40 countries
  • Spanish is one of the six official languages of the United Nations
  • Over 40 percent of Spanish majors also carry another major such as engineering, business, nursing, social work, biology, international studies and linguistics
  • Ohio State graduates with Spanish degrees have chosen a wide range of professions such as Spanish teacher, House of Representatives, Spanish-speaking loan/mortgage officer, technical writer for AT&T, lawyer, FBI field agent and U.S. postal inspector in Puerto Rico

What can you do with this degree?

The knowledge of a second language is usually a key to acquiring strong writing skills. Employment in almost any field is open to a language major, especially in companies that do business with overseas clients. This can range from the banking industry to public relations to computer programming. Knowledge of a second language is also helpful in health care and in social work. A second language can be beneficial for employment in federal, state and local governments. The ability to do research and translation in another language also opens doors to careers.