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Hebrew and Jewish Studies (BA)

Hebrew and Jewish Studies (BA)


About this program

The Hebrew language covers more than 3,000 years of usage and is a core language for the Jewish and Christian faiths. Ohio State's Hebrew major comprehensively covers Hebrew literary traditions and language forms from ancient times until the present. Students learn the spoken Hebrew of modern Israel and study great works ranging from the Bible to modern novels and poetry. In addition, the Hebrew major provides opportunities to engage with the broader Near Eastern contexts of language and culture. Jewish studies at Ohio State comprises one of the largest and most diverse programs in the country, offering an impressive selection of courses, a multidisciplinary faculty and a wide range of events. We have one of the largest Judaica library collections in the country, with a full-time Judaica librarian and over 300,000 volumes. 

Why study Hebrew at Ohio State?

Unlike most universities, Ohio State offers a comprehensive Hebrew major with an especially strong roster of faculty covering all periods of Hebrew language and literature. The Hebrew major provides solid training in several fields of the humanities. Our faculty are internationally recognized in their respective fields, including history, philosophy, political science, music, English, Near Eastern and South Asian languages and cultures, Germanic languages and literatures, classics, art and education.

What can you do with this degree? 

Graduates can find work in fields such as banking and finance, business, sales, export purchasing, foreign market analysis, journalism, foreign correspondence, science and research, library science, hotel management, publishing, and radio broadcasting, education, government, international trade, media, and tourism. 

Students who pursue the Hebrew language track are prepared for jobs teaching Hebrew at all levels and interpreting and translating for the United Nations, government, or for private and public organizations. They are also equipped for positions in the travel and tourism industry at home or abroad. 

Students who pursue the Jewish studies track are prepared for jobs in Jewish community centers, federations, and national and international Jewish organizations; Jewish education, including day and supplementary school; synagogue administration; youth group advising; work with the elderly; Israel support organizations; and Jewish media.