Social citizenship in postapartheid South Africa is the topic of the forum Citizenship Politics

The Ohio State University Humanities Centers Consortium is an active community forum for exchange among scholars and citizens. The institute facilitates emergent research collaborations between humanities faculty and others across the university, and acts as a significant bridge to the city of Columbus, as well as the broader community.

In the Community

  • Citizenship Politics, a roundtable discussion, featuring Franco Barchiesi, Department of African American and African Studies; Cricket Keating, Department of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies; and Gene Holland and Philip Armstrong, Department of Comparative Studies.
  • What Does it Mean to be Spiritual but not Religious? featuring Linda Mercadante, Straker Chair of Historical Theology, Methodist Theological School in Ohio. Moderated by Fred Andrle.
  • Walkscape: Art and Footwork, featuring Robert Livingston, interim director of the Humanities Institute, In conjunction the Columbus Museum of Art exhibition, Carved and Whittled Sculpture: American Folk Art Walking Sticks from the Hills Collection.
  • Testimony and the Cultural Politics of Human Rights, featuring Anne Cubilié, United Nations consultant and author of Women Witness Terror: Testimony and the Cultural Politics of Human Rights and Wendy Kozol, professor, comparative American studies at Oberlin College.

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Community and Conversations

  • Conversations in the Humanities: a series of panel discussions moderated by Fred Andrle, institute associate, featuring experts discussing important public issues from humanistic perspectives
  • Environmental Citizenship: a campus-wide conversation, drawing together faculty, staff, and students interested in advancing the discussion of sustainability and environmental values  
  • Faculty Working Groups

Groups design two-year collaborative programs involving three public presentations a year, a conference, publications, courses, and a digital production

  • The Human Rights Working Group: promotes new understandings of obstacles and ethical challenges of representation and the circulation and production of knowledge about human rights violation
  • LiteracyStudies@OSU: spotlights major research projects and publications; public programs organized and moderated by members
  • Moving Image Production: stimulates intellectual discussion and community among scholars and citizens of central Ohio around the issues of academic moving-image production
  • Qualitative Inquiry: fosters cross-campus conversation among faculty and graduate students 


  • The Big Picture: a series of lectures and panel discussions by scholars from Ohio State and the community, in partnership with the Columbus Museum of Art
  • The Neighborhood Institute: a multi-year undertaking in civic engagement, involving Ohio State faculty and students and neighborhood leaders and residents in the east campus area
  • Ohio Chautauqua: offers living history presented by scholar-actors who assume the role of historical characters. The Humanities Institute contributes support to this program, sponsored by the Ohio Humanities Council

Reading and Study Groups

  • The Collaborative on Multilingual Learners: discusses issues and current research concerning domestic college students who speak multiple languages and face challenges of academic writing and culture
  • Diversity Enhancement Program Research Group: is a supportive environment for junior faculty from under-represented groups to present their work and to receive constructive feedback and encouragement from peers and senior faculty
  • Ways of Knowing Water: an ongoing collaboration between the Humanities Institute and OSU Extension to connect residents of central Ohio to their local watersheds, and to develop innovative modes of enhancing environmental awareness