Medical Anthropology

Medical Anthropology


Open to:

  • any current Ohio State undergraduate student
  • anyone with a bachelor's degree

Course work for the certificate emphasizes how anthropological theories and methods are critical to tackling pressing 21st century health challenges and asks students to confront the complex ways in which social, political and economic forces shape health, influence how people experience illness, and guide how healthcare services are provided.

This certificate will prepare students for a broad range of professional and paraprofessional careers in healthcare industry and in agencies and organizations related to global health. For students pursuing majors in biological or social science disciplines, in which health is a focal research interest, the certificate will complement their current training and enhance their candidacy for professional graduate programs by:

  1. Providing a solid foundation in social science theories and methods for understanding how health and illness are shaped, experienced and socio-culturally defined
  2. Offering students the rare opportunity to gain the perspectives, knowledge and skills that will aid them in tackling critical domestic and global health issues
  3. Preparing them to provide culturally competent, appropriate and effective care to patients in multicultural contexts

For more information, contact: Barbara Piperata