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Anthropology, Anthropological Sciences (BA, BS)

Anthropology, Anthropological Sciences (BA, BS)


Anthropology is the study of the biology, prehistory and culture of human society in a worldwide setting. Anthropologists study people from all times and all places, focusing on human and non-human primate evolution by studying the behavior of living and extinct human and primate groups.

Why choose anthropology?

The Department of Anthropology is among the leading departments in the country emphasizing scientific approaches to the study of all humans, past and present. The department is recognized nationally and internationally for its curriculum and research in the specializations of bioarchaeology, dental anthropology, evolutionary anthropology, forensic anthropology, medical anthropology, food production and sustainability, paleoecology, primatology and environmental anthropology.

What can you do with this degree?

A degree in anthropology equips graduates with critical thinking, communication, and analytical skills with an understanding of human diversity in both time and space. Graduates often find employment in a range of careers in business, health professions, engineering, government, law, education, social services and museums.