International Studies (BA, BS)

The Undergraduate International Studies Program provides a holistic, interdisciplinary, and cross-cultural foundation. International Studies at The Ohio State University offers eleven majors and ten minors. Specializing in contemporary global issues and regional areas, the vision created in 1943 resonates today in an era of globalization.

International Studies is designed to produce informed leaders on world issues; proficiency in a foreign language; and exceptional research, writing, and public speaking skills. The program promotes rigorous academic training, and endows students with the professional skills needed to practice at home or abroad.

International Studies students are widely recognized for academic talent and vigor. As well as embodying excellence, our students earn a broad, forward-thinking education while undertaking a demanding curriculum.

Major Specializations

  • Geographic: African Studies, East Asian Studies, Latin American Studies, Middle East Studies, Slavic and East European Studies, and Western European Studies
  • Thematic specializations: Development Studies, Globalization Studies, International Relations and Diplomacy, Security and Intelligence, and World Business and Economy

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Areas of Study

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Graduates of the international studies program are widely recognized as having taken a demanding curriculum designed to make them well-informed about world issues, proficient in a foreign language, and possessed of good skills in research, writing and public speaking. Profiting from the wide range of curricular options available to them, students have a range of choices that allow them to prepare for graduate professional school or for careers in a variety of fields, including the private sector, government service and international development agencies.

courses you might take:

INTSTDS 3700: Introduction to Intelligence

Among the important consequences of the tragedies of 9/11 have been a renewed emphasis upon the importance of intelligence gathering and analysis for the protection of modern societies and a critical concern for the problems and dangers inherent in such a complex and uncertain enterprise. Topics explored will include the U.S. intelligence system, intelligence collection and analysis, covert action, and counterintelligence.

INTSTDS 2800: Introduction to Peace Studies

Provides a comprehensive overview of the quest for peace and introduces a variety of strategies to achieve peace. Examines how humankind might build societies based on non-violence, social, political, and economic well-being, social justice, and ecological balance.

INTSTDS 4700: Terror and Terrorism

Familiarizes students with the ideology, motivation, ad methods of numerous terrorist groups of the last two centuries to provide a basis for understanding contemporary terrorist organizations. Topics will include the terror of the French Revolution, terrorism in Latin American and the Middle East, as well as the impact of the 9/11 terrorist attacks against the United States.

INTSTDS 3450: Human Rights: An Introduction

Provides an introduction to the question of human rights. Examines the history and politics of human rights’ adoption internationally and domestically, the currency of the concept of human rights in domestic and international political disputes, and critics who have challenged the principles and use of human rights, and views that seek to politicize human rights.

INTSTDS 4801: Model United Nations

An interactive diplomatic simulation of the political processes of the UN General Assembly focusing on selected global problems; involves class discussions, groups projects, and significant student participation.



Shannon Fillingim, international studies, talks about the range of classes available to international studies majors and opportunities at Ohio State.

Shannon Fillingim, international studies / Chinese



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