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African American and African Studies (BA)

African American and African Studies (BA)


The African American and African studies major teaches students about the social, cultural, political, economic, historical and intellectual experiences of Africans and their descendants throughout the world. AAAS encourages critical examination of the role of race in society through a variety of disciplines within the arts, humanities and social sciences. 

Why choose African American and African studies?

African American and African studies provides students with a unique opportunity to study the transnational Black experience in a variety of disciplines. Students are able to approach their areas of study from a variety of perspectives as they select courses from a diverse, interdisciplinary and transnational curriculum. It stresses the skills necessary to think critically and deeply, argue persuasively, problem solve effectively and write clearly. Students are exposed to theory and research in a variety of subject matter and are encouraged to engage in active research and service beyond the classroom.

What can you do with this degree?

The major promotes an intersectional perspective, emphasizing how race relates to class, gender and sexuality, nationality, ethnicity and other social structures on a global scale. The major prepares students for multiple career paths, whether in higher education, law, public health, urban planning, social work, the corporate sector or any number of fields that draw on and stand to benefit from the knowledge acquired in AAAS.