History of Art (BA)

History of Art (BA)


About this program

Art History studies the continuities and changes that characterize human endeavor in the visual arts. It is a constantly expanding discipline whose objects of study include not only painting and sculpture, but also architecture and the decorative arts, drawing and prints, photography and film, and video and performance art. It also entails an examination of the history of the discipline itself, its philosophical and theoretical foundations, and its critical methodologies.

Why choose History of Art?

The History of Art degree provides a solid background in the humanities, develops skills in writing and critical thinking, and, above all, enhances one's understanding and appreciation of creative accomplishment. The department is characterized by small class size, close collaboration between faculty and students in research, and an emphasis on critical thinking and close looking. It aims to create a small, liberal-arts environment within the larger university.

What can you do with this degree? 

Students graduating with a bachelor’s degree in history of art may expect to find employment in a wide variety of cultural and arts organizations, such as publishing firms, art galleries, libraries and museums. Many graduates also use their skills in critical writing, thinking and research to enter fields such as non-profit management, education, journalism and marketing. 

Many specialized professions in art history — most notably museum curators and university professors — require advanced degrees. Graduates of the history of art program are regularly accepted into some of the most prestigious graduate programs in the country.