Political Science (BA, BS)

Political Science (BA, BS)


The Department of Political Science studies governments, public policies and political processes, systems and behavior. Are you interested in American politics or international affairs? The formation of political identities and allegiances? Strategies of cooperation and conflict? Political theories of law and democracy? Gun control, immigration, the environment, civil rights? If so, you belong in political science, where you will learn to think critically and globally and acquire the skills necessary to be successful in the world.

Why choose political science?

A major in Political Science prepares students for careers in law, local, state and federal government, agencies dealing with national security, foreign policy, business, consulting, lobbying, journalism, international development and education. The skills you will gain in research and writing, data analysis and critical thinking are vital to any career path.

What can you do with this degree?

Most political science majors do not become professional political scientists; they go into careers such as law, education, business, and federal, state or local government. A degree in political science or world politics can also open doors to a wide range of rewarding part-time and volunteer opportunities. Learn more about career opportunities here.