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World Politics (BA)

World Politics (BA)


World Politics provides an in-depth understanding of political institutions and processes around the world at the national, cross-national and international levels. This major will prepare students to live and work in a globalized environment in which international events influence domestic politics and vice versa, with increasing intensity. The World Politics major provides a globally-focused, innovative, unique, high quality program that is responsive to the needs and interests of a rapidly growing number of Ohio State students.

The major is organized into four areas of specialization: foreign policy and security, political economy and development, political institutions and processes in countries outside the United States and international political theory.

Why choose world politics?

Are you interested in foreign policy, international political economy or national security? Do you want to learn more about other countries and regions of the world? Do you want to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to live and work in an increasingly globalized environment? If so, then world politics may be a great fit for you.

What can you do with this degree?

A major in World Politics prepares students for careers in a variety of areas, including intelligence and national security, foreign policy and diplomacy, international business, political consulting and lobbying, journalism, international development, conflict mediation and resolution and secondary and higher education. The skills you will gain in research and writing, data analysis and critical thinking are vital to any career path.