back to news April 30, 2012

Astronomer Rick Pogge Stars in History Channel's Alien Sounds

Ohio State Astronomy Professor Richard Pogge is a star attraction of the History "H2" network's premiere of Alien Sounds, airing Sunday evening, May 6 at 10 pm. 

Alien Sounds, an episode of the long-running series, The Universe, explores all the sounds made by planets, moons and galaxies, going back as far as the Big Bang's literal "birth cry" of creation.

Pogge is “on location” at Ohio Stadium, where he has the whole arena to himself, demonstrating just how empty deep space is.  In an Earthly analogy, Pogge compares the people packed into the stadium on game day to the molecules in our planet's atmosphere.

With that in mind, his presence alone in the stadium is too crowded for deep space. To equal the emptiness of space, he'd have to hit the exits--leaving only one cell from his body behind.

And, believe it or not, Pogge said, "even in such emptiness, sound can and does travel."