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Research Month: Social Examination

This October has been designated Research Month at Ohio State, although research is built into the fabric of our Top-10 public research institution, yearlong. A research focus in October is a natural fit — it coincides with National Research Month; the university’s Office of Research State of Research Address; and the national ScienceWriters2014 conference, which is in Columbus this year.

Typically, we equate research with science; but research is not restricted to one area — research creates new knowledge; solves myriad problems large and small; drives creativity, innovation — and our economy; and keeps us moving forward as human beings.

Each week, Arts and Sciences will focus on a different area of research, inquiry and investigation and share discoveries, news and events of note.


Sociologist Studies Mass Murder to Predict and Prevent Genocide

This year marked the 20th anniversary of the beginning of devastating 100-day genocide in which upwards of one million people, mostly ethnic Tutsis and moderate Hutus, died at the hands of Hutu extremists. Hollie Nyseth Brehm, assistant professor, sociology, is the lead author of a new study finding that perpetrators of the genocide in Rwanda were most likely to be males in their mid-thirties.

Students Study Environmental Citizenship Along the Rivers’ Edge

This past May, more than a dozen students took to the rivers and watersheds to learn about environmental citizenship first-hand by researching environmental restoration projects along the rivers of Central Ohio — the Olentangy, the Scioto and Big Darby Creek.

Undergraduate Looks at Decision-Making in the Face of Cancer Risk

Gabe Englander, a fourth-year honors economics major, has a very promising future in research. In fact, he has been awarded three separate grants, totaling $23,000, for his current research project on decision-making in the face of uncertainty. This work has applications that range from financial decision-making to cancer research.

Anthropology Students Learn About Columbus' Latino Communities

Anthropology students are going outside the classroom and into the community to research Latino residents’ cultural and economic practices.


Bachelor of Science in International Studies

The Bachelor of Science in International Studies is an interdisciplinary program, providing students the opportunity to specialize in either the study of a region (e.g. Africa, Latin America) or a critical theme (e.g. security and intelligence) combined with an approved minor in the natural sciences (e.g. geograpy).

Bachelor of Arts in World Politics

The Bachelor of Arts in World Politics provides an in-depth understanding of political institutions and processes around the world at the national, cross-national and international levels. This major will prepare students to live and work in a globalized environment in which international events influence domestic politics, and vice versa, with increasing intensity.

Bachelor of Science in Political Science

The Bachelor of Science in Political Science provides rigorous training in social scientific methodology and equips students to study and produce empirical research about politics. This major allows students who plan to attend graduate school for advanced study in political science or another social science discipline, or who are pursuing a second STEM-related major or minor, to pursue their interest in politics while developing and making use of their analytical and technical skills.


A Panicked Public? Information and Health Risks from Infectious Disease Outbreaks

What are the actual health risks from infectious diseases, both major and minor? What are the factors driving this spread of old and new viruses? Has the public been well served by our media when reporting on these cases? Are they accurately reporting the risks? Join us on Oct. 16 for a public conversation with a panel of health, education and risk communication experts moderated by Fred Andrle.

From Anita Hill to the White House Task Force on Sexual Assault (1991 to Today): A two-day event featuring Anita Hill

Q&A with Anita Hill and filmmaker Freida Lee Mock
Nov. 6, 2014 / 7 p.m.
Mershon Auditorium.
Anita Hill and panelists
Nov. 7, 2014 / 11 a.m.
Moritz College of Law