Two Department of Art Alumni Honored for Public Art Projects

July 16, 2013

Two Department of Art Alumni Honored for Public Art Projects

"Buckle" by Candace Black (BFA 1996, MFA 2006) and by "inside out: As the stars viewed the Palace" by Nikhil Chopra (MFA 2003) — public artworks commissioned by Finding Time: Columbus Public Art 2012 — have been named as two of the 50 best public art projects by the 2013 Public Art Network Year in Review by Americans for the Arts, the nation’s leading nonprofit organization for advancing the arts. The awards were chosen from more than 350 submissions from across the United States and the selections were announced on June 13 at the Americans for the Arts Public Art conference in Pittsburgh.

Last fall, Black (pictured) created and installed “Buckle,” a work of warped architecture, on Lynn Street between High and Third streets in Columbus. Her inspiration for "Buckle" was working with a historic building and the architectural details of the Huntington Building on High Street.

Indian artist Nikhil Chopra returned to Columbus last August for a 78-hour tour-de-force public performance: "inside out: As the stars viewed the Palace." While costumed, Chopra silently drew on a portion of a 48’ x 132’ exterior wall of the Palace Theatre in downtown Columbus to juxtapose perspectives of inside/outside, performer/audience, time/space, and reality/illusion. Made of charcoal, “inside out: As the stars viewed the Palace” was on view for a few months, fading and disappearing eventually due to exposure to the elements.

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