Philosophy (BA)

Philosophy (BA)


The Ohio State University Department of Philosophy rigorously instructs students to question, examine and analyze issues and ideas and provides a foundation for success in law, business, medicine, politics, teaching and scholarship. The philosophy department’s multidisciplinary nature attracts top scholars to pursue projects that engage the entire community.

Why choose philosophy?

Philosophy students acquire a set of reasoning and communication skills that equip them for a huge range of possible futures. They consistently score higher than any other major on the GRE and the LSAT, because of their training in critical thinking and analysis of arguments. They write persuasively and problem solve inventively on all sorts of subjects. Philosophy provides the skills that people need to thrive in jobs that will not be replaced by robots, and the perspective they need to choose work and activities that help to create meaning in their lives.

What can you do with this degree?

Many employers, including those in business, education and government, are interested in hiring people who have exactly the skills utilized most in philosophical inquiry and debate. Some graduates of the philosophy program go on to law school and other professional and graduate programs, and philosophy majors are known to achieve the highest scores on the graduate school entrance exams.