2018 High Points

December 13, 2018

2018 High Points

The College of Arts and Sciences is home to extraordinary artists, scholars, scientists and spaces. We are excited to share some of this year’s high points as we look forward to another year of innovation and excellence. 

Meet the Asian American star of Legally Blonde, the Musical

Cindy Tran Nguyen, a theatre and marketing double major, brings her own charm to the character of Elle Woods, which will appeal to old and new “Legally Blonde” fans alike. Read more >

legally blonde cast featuring Cindy Tran Nguyen as Elle Woods



Did Ohio State really detect an alien signal?

One strange discovery recorded by an Ohio State astronomer in 1977 continues to baffle scientists and stoke imaginations that maybe we aren't alone in the universe: the "Wow! signal." Read more >

Wow! signal



Q&A with Daniel Rivers, director of American Indian Studies Program

As Ohio State observed both Columbus Day and Indigenous Peoples' Day on Oct. 8, 2018, Daniel Rivers offered insight about Native American history in Ohio and the origins of Indigenous Peoples' Day. Read more >

Rivers headshot



TBDBITL alumnus with aphasia marches in reunion

A stroke took away Rob Gast's ability to speak, read and write. It also affected his ability to play music. With help from the Ohio State Aphasia Initiative, Gast marched in the TBDBITL reunion this year. Read more >

Rob Gast marches on the field during TBDBITL reunion halftime performance during the Ohio State vs. Tulane football game on Saturday, Sept. 22.



A Dinosaur for Orton

With the recent addition of a dinosaur skeleton, molded from a fossil discovered by an Ohio State professor, enthusiasm and support for the Orton Geological Museum is sure to increase exponentially. Read more >

Dinosaur in Orton Hall



Atmospheric sciences alumnus describes whirlwind career

Broadcast meteorologist Mike Bettes has been with The Weather Channel for 15 years, covering some of the most intense weather-related events in history. Read more >

Mike Bettes looks at the sky in front of The Weather Channel Tornado Hunt vehicle



History and microbiology professors co-teach course examining HIV

"HIV: From Microbiology to Macrohistory," co-taught by professors Jesse Kwiek and Thomas McDow, examines HIV's evolution at a molecular level, as well as its global and historical expansion. Read more >

Associate professors Jesse Kwiek (left) of microbiology and Thomas McDow of history at the STEAM Factory for an event that concludes their co-taught course on HIV. Photo courtesy Paul Woo, Wandering Woo Photography



Design professor proposes The People's Flag of Columbus

Paul Nini, professor of design, hopes The People's Flag of Columbus, a flag he designed, will one day be something the community can unite under and identify with. Read more >

Professor of design Paul Nini waves The People's Flag of Columbus in front of Columbus City Hall. Photo courtesy of Brian Kaiser.



The sociology of online criminal drug markets

Ohio State sociologists Dana Haynie and Scott Duxbury are understanding how darknet drug markets operate on a sociological level, which could help improve law enforcement strategies. Read more >

Scott Duxbury, PhD student in the Department of Sociology, and Dana Haynie, director of the Criminal Justice Research Center, in front of the U.S. Capitol.



English alumna writes for Black Panther comics

Yona Harvey is the mastermind behind Zenzi, a character in the "Black Panther" spinoff “World of Wakanda.” She is also the first African American woman to write for the Marvel character Storm. Read more >



Exploring approaches to save coral reefs — right here in Ohio

Coral reefs are threatened by climate change. But researchers, including Earth Sciences professor Andrea Grottoli, are narrowing in on what keeps corals healthy. Read more >

coral reef



Young alumna lands dream job at Cincinnati Zoo

Arts and Sciences alumna Angela Hatke is a communications coordinator at the Cincinnati Zoo, where hanging out with Fiona the baby hippo is just another day on the job. Read more >

Arts and Sciences alumna Angela Hatke with Fiona the baby hippo.

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