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2017 High Points

In the Arts and Sciences, 2017 was filled with extraordinary accomplishments, leading-edge teaching and research, and impactful philanthropy. Join us in reflecting upon the year’s high points as we gear up for another exceptional year of education and discovery. 

  1. Ohio State Marching Band Drum Majors to Return for 2017 Season
    In April, hundreds of people gathered to watch six students compete in The Ohio State University Marching Band’s drum major tryouts for the 2017 season.
  2. Arts and Sciences Alumna Wins on Jeopardy!
    2006 Arts and Sciences alumna Deborah Elliott racked up a total of $76,400 after winning three straight days of the popular game show Jeopardy!
  3. The World of Harry Potter Comes to Campus
    Scholars, students, artists and families flocked to the Ohio Union in February for the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies’ Popular Culture and the Deep Past conference, which explored all things Harry Potter through lectures, performances, demonstrations and more.
  4. Carter V. Findley Professorship in Ottoman and Turkish History Established
    After a decade-long fundraising effort, the Carter V. Findley Professorship in Ottoman and Turkish History was established in April 2017 to support the field of Ottoman and modern Turkish history, which has been taught at Ohio State since the 1930s.
  5. Faculty, Alumnus Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences
    Ohio State faculty members Janet Box-Steffensmeier, Russell Fazio and Geoffrey Parker, as well as political science alumnus Carter Phillips, were inducted in 2017 to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, one of the oldest academic societies and independent policy research centers.
  6. Observing Our Night Sky Like Never Before
    Ohio State’s All-Sky Automated Search for Supernovae (ASAS-SN) project was supercharged with a $2.4 million grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, allowing astronomers to have 24/7 surveillance over the entire visible night sky.
  7. Pushing Doubts Aside: Jasmine Whiteside’s Journey to Grad School
    Jasmine Whiteside’s dreams to pursue her master’s degree in sociology at Ohio State had to be put on hold when she was diagnosed with an acute form of brain inflammation. Today, she’s healthy and on track to complete her degree.
  8. CampusParc Looks to Design Students for Ways to Improve Customer Experience
    Instead of hiring an outside design firm, CampusParc asked students in Ohio State’s Department of Design to help them identify ways to improve customer experience.
  9. Ohio State’s Newest Energy Stars
    From converting carbon dioxide into energy-rich compounds to targeting knowledge gaps in microbial methane processes in soil, professors Hannah Shafaat and Kelly Wrighton are advancing high-impact energy research.
  10. Political Science Alumnus is Paying it Back by Paying it Forward
    Political science alumnus Barry Gluck is making a difference in the lives of Ohio State students through the Gluck-Asher Financial Award, which benefits select students in the State Government Internship Program, which is coordinated by the Department of Political Science and Office of Government Affairs.

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At @ASCatOSU, 2017 was yet another year filled with exceptional education and discovery. #ASCDaily